Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering (Faculty Profile)

Professor & HOD
Dr. Seema
Qualification Ph.D in Structural Engineering, University of Trento, Italy.
M.Tech. in Structural Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
Area of Interest Structural Engineering, Sustainable Development.
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Associate Professor
Dr. Vijay Bhushan Gupta
Qualification Ph.D., M.Tech.,M.B.A.,B.Tech.
Area of Interest Projects, Training & Placement, Skill Development.                                                                                        
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Assistant Professor
Ms Sunayana Singh
Qualification ME (CTM), M.I.T.S., Gwalior (R.G.P.V. Bhopal). BE (Civil), S.G.S.I.T.S. , Indore (R.G.P.V. Bhopal).
Area of Interest Construction Technology & Management.                                                                                        
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Ms. Prerna Raghava
Qualification B.Tech, M.Tech. .
Area of Interest Water Resource Engineering.                                                                                        
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Mr. Abhishek Singh
Qualification M.Tech in Stuctural Engineering, from Gautam Buddha University.
B.Tech in Civil Engineering, from Gautam Buddha University.
Area of Interest Structural Engineering.                                                                                        
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Ms. Sneha Sandilya
  • ME in Water Resources (AIT, Bangkok)
  • ( Civil Engineering) KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.
  • Area of Interest Water resources, Flood Hydrology , Sedimentation and Climate change.                                                                                        
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    Ms. Sheelu Verghese
    Qualification M.Tech (Env Engg)NIT Bhopal, B.Tech (Civil) NIT Bhopal .
    Area of Interest Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.                                                                                        
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    Mr. Satyam Saxena
    Qualification M.Tech (NITA), B.Tech (UPTU) .
    Area of Interest Structural Mechanics.                                                                                        
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    Mr. Yogendra Sharma
    Qualification M.Tech (Water Resources Engineering, MNIT-Jaipur), B.Tech ( Civil Engineering, KNIT Sultanpur)
    Area of Interest Spatial Data Analysis and applications of GIS and Remote Sensing, Water Resources Engineering, Groundwater Modeling, OptimisationTechniques, Free Surface Flow                                                           
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    Mr. Mohit Gupta
    Qualification M.Tech (Structural Engineering, BRCM College, MDU Rohtak), B.Tech ( Civil Engineering, HCST, Mathura, GBTU )
    Area of Interest Design of concrete structures, Design of steel structures, Structural Engineering                                                                             
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    Mr. Anurag Yadav
    Qualification M.Tech (Water Resources Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra), B.Tech (Civil Engineering, UPTU)
    Area of Interest Water Resources, Open Channel Flow, Discharging capacity of Weirs                                                                             
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    Ms. Tripti Khanduri
    Qualification M.Tech.,B.Tech.
    Area of Interest REMOTE SENSING AND GIS, SURVEYING, WATER RESOURCES APPLICATION.                                                                            
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    Mr. Rishabh Pathak
    Qualification M.E.,B.Tech.
    Area of Interest Structural Engineering, Concrete Technology .                                                                             
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    Ms. Pallavi Sirohi
    Qualification M.Tech.,B.Tech.
    Area of Interest Structural Analysis, Steel Structures, Design of concrete structures.                                                                             
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    Mr. Anubhav Baranwal
    Qualification M.Tech.,B.Tech.
    Area of Interest Water Resources Engineering, Sediment Transport, Hydrology and Open channel flow..                                                                             
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    Mr. Ankit Rai
    Qualification M.Tech.,B.Tech.
    Area of Interest Structural Engineering, Design of Steel Structures, Strength of Materials, Design of Concrete Structures.                                                                             
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    Mr. Raunak Kumar
    Qualification M.Tech.,B.Tech.
    Area of Interest Remote Sensing and GIS, Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology and Irrigation, Soil Mechanics, Transportation Engineering, Environment Engineering Strength of Materials.                                                                             
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