CSE Department
Dr. B.C.Sharma
Qualification B.E.(Mech),M.E. (Prodn),Ph.D (IIT Delhi)
Area of Interest Production, Maintenance, Reliability and Welding.
E-Mail director@ipec.org.in
Dean Academics
Dr. V.K. Singh
Qualification M.Sc., Ph.D. (IIT, Banaras Hindu University)
Area of Interest Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and different kinds of Positive Operators.
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Department of Computer Science & Engineering (Faculty Profile)

Professor & HOD
Dr. Rekha Kashyap
Qualification B.E, M.Tech , Ph.D. (JNU, Delhi)
Area of Interest Grid and Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Security of Micro payments, ,Security-aware Scheduling
E-Mail rekha.kashyap@ipec.org.in(View Complete Profile)
Dr. Pooja Tripathi
Qualification B.E(Electronics & Telecommunication), M.Tech(IT) ,Ph.D
Area of Interest Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Web Mining.
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Associate Professor
Ms. Neeta Verma    
Qualification B.E, M.Tech , Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Area of Interest Artificial Intelligence,Data mining, Computer graphics,Data compression.
E-Mail neeta.verma@ipec.org.in(View Complete Profile)
Dr. Anchal Jain
Qualification B.Tech.,M.Tech,Ph.D(IP University, Delhi)
Area of Interest Encryption techniques using Soft Computing Approaches, Multimedia processing, Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
E-Mail anchal.jain@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Mandeep Katre
Qualification MCA,MTech(CSE),Ph.D(Pursuing Mewar University)
Area of Interest RDBMS, C programming, Data structures,Soft Engg.                                                                                       
E-Mail mandeep.katre@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Swapna Singh
Qualification M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.(Pursuing-DAVV Indore)
Area of Interest Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, Security.                                                                                       
E-Mail swapna.singh@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Diksha Dani
Qualification Ph.D(pursuing GGSIPU), M.Tech(CSE, KUK), M.Sc.(CSE, KUK), B.Sc(KU).
Area of Interest Object oriented Technique, Web Technology, OS.                                                                                       
E-Mail diksha.dani@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Anjali Singhal
Qualification B.Tech.,M.Tech,Ph.D(Submitted,Mewar University).
Area of Interest Database Management System, Object oriented techniques in java/ C++.                                                                                        
E-Mail anjali.singhal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Archana Aggarwal
Qualification MCA.,M.Tech,PhD(Pursuing).
Area of Interest Database Management System, Data Structure, Advance Computer Architecture,Operating System, S/w Engineering.                                                                                        
E-Mail archana.aggarwal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Dr. K.C.Tripathi
Qualification PhD University of Allahabad
M.Sc Computer Science University of Allahabad
B.Sc. (Computer Science major) University of Allahabad.
Area of Interest Automata Theory, Pattern Recognition, Mathematical Modeling.                                                                                        
E-Mail krishna.tripathi@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Assistant Professor
Mr. Alok Katiyar
Qualification MCA,M.Tech,PhD*(Pursuing)
Area of Interest Parallel Algorithm, Parallel Processing, Distributed Computing, Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Network Security.                                                                                        
E-Mail alok.katiyar@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Tripti Sharma
Qualification BE(CSE), M.Tech(CSE) ,Ph.D(pursuing).
Area of Interest Data Structures, Mobile Computing, Software engineering, Data Mining & Warehousing, Computer Networks,Software Project Management and more...                                                                                        
E-Mail tripti.sharma@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Gaurav Agrawal
Qualification BE(CSE), Mtech(CSE) ,Ph.D(pursuing).
Area of Interest Data Structure, Design Analysis of Algorithm, Web Technology.                                                                                        
E-Mail gaurav.agrawal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Prachi Vats
Qualification BE(CSE), Mtech(CSE) ,Ph.D(pursuing).
Area of Interest Data Structure, Design Analysis of Algorithm, Web Technology.                                                                                        
E-Mail prachi.vats@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Dr. Sweeta Bansal
Qualification M.C.A.,M.Tech, Ph.D.
Area of Interest Natural Language Processing, Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence,Data Analysis.                                                                                        
E-Mail sweeta.bansal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Malaya Dutta Borah
Qualification B.Tech, M.E,Ph.D(submitted) from Delhi Technological University
Area of Interest Data Mining.                                                                                        
E-Mail malaya.dutta@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Kumud Kundu
Qualification MCA, M.Phil(CS), M.Tech(CS), P.hd(CS)(pursuing).
Area of Interest Image Processing, Soft Computing and Data Structures.                                                                                        
E-Mail kumud.kundu@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Amit Sharma
Qualification M.Tech, B.Tech.
Area of Interest Soft Computing.                                                                                        
E-Mail amit.sharma@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Alka Singhal
Qualification Ph.D (CS) pursuing(Delhi Technological University),M.E(CS)(DCE, Delhi University), B.Tech(CS)(Jamia Millia Islamia).
Area of Interest Semantic Web, Cloud Computing.                                                                                        
E-Mail alka.singhal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Shweta Chaku
Qualification D.EE,Btech,MTech. .
Area of Interest ComputerGraphics,Object Oriented Programming,Soft Computing.                                                                                        
E-Mail shweta.chaku@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Shraddha Srivastava
Qualification M.Tech(Inderprastha Engineering college),B.Tech(Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology). .
Area of Interest Computer Science.                                                                                        
E-Mail shraddha.srivastava@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal
Qualification B.Tech,M.Tech. .
Area of Interest Artificial intelligence, software engineering, software testing, agile approach of software development.                                                                                        
E-Mail nidhi.aggarwal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Sneh Prabha
Qualification MCA, M Tech. .
Area of Interest Software Engineering, Computer Graphics,Object Oriented Programming.                                                                                        
E-Mail sneh.prabha@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Alpna Tomar
Qualification M.Tech (Pursuing), PGD in Advance Computing, PG Mathematics
Area of Interest E-Commerce, Data Structures, Fundamentals of Information Technology, Programming Languages(C, C++, VC++), Operating System, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, .Net Framework and C#, Mobile Computing, Web Technology, Cryptography and Network Security, computer systems                                                                                        
E-Mail alpnatomar@gmail.com (View Complete Profile)
Dr. Harendra Singh
Qualification B.Tech. M.Tech, Ph.D.
Area of Interest TAFL, DAA, Dta Structure, Discrete Maths, Compiler and Operating System.                                                                                        
E-Mail harendra.singh@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Anamika
Qualification B.E,M.Tech,Pursuing Ph.D. .
Area of Interest Moble ad-hoc networks and cloud computing.                                                                                        
E-Mail anamika@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Kamna Singh
Qualification B.Tech(IT), M.Tech(CSE). .
Area of Interest Computer network, UML, Software Engineering.                                                                                        
E-Mail kamna.singh@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Aditya Kumar
Qualification B.Tech, M.Tech. .
Area of Interest Image Processing, Data Compression, Compiler Design, Artificial intelligence.                                                                                        
E-Mail aditya.kumar@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Amrita Bhatnagar
Qualification BE(CS),MTECH(CS).
Area of Interest DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING.                                                                                        
E-Mail amrita.bhatnagar@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Shweta Juneja
Qualification BTech,MTech,. .
Area of Interest Cloud Computing.                                                                                        
E-Mail shweta.juneja@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Pranshu Saxena
Qualification B. Tech. M. Tech. PhD*(Pursuing). .
Area of Interest Pattern Recognition, Image Segmentation, Computer Network, Intelligence System, Network Security.                                                                                        
E-Mail pranshu.saxena@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Shelly Gupta
Qualification B. Tech. ,M. Tech. ,PhD*. .
Area of Interest Data Mining.                                                                                        
E-Mail shelly.gupta@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Chahat Sharma
Qualification B.Tech., M.Tech.(Amity University). .
Area of Interest Software Reliability, Software Engineering.                                                                                        
E-Mail chahat.sharma@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Tanvi
Qualification M.E B.Tech. .
Area of Interest Automata, Compiler Design, Algorithms, DBMS.                                                                                        
E-Mail tanvi@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Garima Jaiswal
Qualification B.Tech ,M.Tech. .
Area of Interest Database Management System,Information Retrieval,Data Structure.                                                                                        
E-Mail garima.jaiswal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Pratima Sharma
Qualification B.Tech,M.Tech(IP University).
Area of Interest Information Security, Honeypots, Computer Graphics, Cryptography, Database management system, Java..                                                                                        
E-Mail pratima.sharma@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Arvind Kumar Yadav
Qualification B.Tech, M.E. .
Area of Interest Data Structures, Computer Organization, Computer Networks, Digital Image Processing, Data Mining and Data Warehousing, C Programming. .                                                                                        
E-Mail arvindk.yadav@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Amit Kumar Kaushik
Qualification B.Tech (UIET,Kuru.Univ), M.Tech(DTU(Formerly DCE)). .
Area of Interest Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Web Technologies.                                                                                        
E-Mail amitk.kaushik@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Kirti Jain
Qualification B.Tech (NIEC, GGSIPU) , M.Tech (IIIT-D). .
Area of Interest Data Mining, Database Management System, Data Structures, Operating Systems.                                                                                        
E-Mail kirti.jain@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Garima Pandey
Qualification B.Tech ,M.Tech .
Area of Interest Android App Development, Compiler Design, Tool: Eclipse .                                                                                        
E-Mail garima.pandey@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Ms. Shruti Jaiswal
Qualification B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D(Pursuing) .
Area of Interest Information Security.                                                                                        
E-Mail shruti.jaiswal@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Gaurav Srivastav
Qualification B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D(Pursuing) .
Area of Interest Computer Networks,Mobile Computing,Network Security and Cryptography,Operating System.                                                                                        
E-Mail gaurav.srivastav@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
Mr. Shailendra Singh
Qualification B.E.(Information Technology)From MITS College Gwalior. .
Area of Interest Algorithms and Data Structures.                                                                                        
E-Mail shailendra.singh@ipec.org.in (View Complete Profile)
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