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Department of Computer Science & Engineering (Faculty Profile)

Professor & HOD
Dr. Rekha Kashyap
Qualification B.E, M.Tech , Ph.D. (JNU, Delhi)
Area of Interest Grid and Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Security of Micro payments, ,Security-aware Scheduling
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Associate Professor
Dr. Anchal Jain
Qualification B.Tech., M.Tech, PhD (GGSIPU,Delhi)
Area of Interest Encryption techniques using Soft Computing Approaches, Multimedia processing, Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
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Dr. Diksha Dani
Qualification Ph.D(GGSIPU), M.Tech(CSE, KUK), M.Sc.(CSE, KUK), B.Sc(KU).
Area of Interest Object oriented Technique, Web Technology, OS.                                                                                       
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Dr. Anjali Singhal
Qualification B.Tech.,M.Tech,Ph.D.
Area of Interest Database Management System, Object oriented techniques in java/ C++, S/W Engineering. .                                                                                        
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Dr. Jagendra Singh    
Qualification M.Tech, Ph.D(JNU, New Delhi)
Area of Interest Natural Language Processing, Data/Web Mining, Grid & Cloud Computing, Information Security.
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Dr. Neeta Verma
Qualification B.Tech(CSE) Mumbai University,M.Tech(CSE) IETE Lodhi Road New Delhi, Ph.D
Area of Interest Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing.
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Mr. Mandeep Katre
Qualification MCA,MTech(CSE),Ph.D(Pursuing Mewar University)
Area of Interest RDBMS, C programming, Data structures,Soft Engg.                                                                                       
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Ms. Archana Aggarwal
Qualification MCA.,M.Tech,PhD(Pursuing).
Area of Interest Database Management System, Data Structure, Advance Computer Architecture,Operating System, S/w Engineering.                                                                                        
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Ms. Swapna Singh
Qualification M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.(Pursuing-DAVV Indore)
Area of Interest Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, Security.                                                                                       
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Assistant Professor
Dr. Sweeta Bansal
Qualification M.C.A.,M.Tech, Ph.D.
Area of Interest Natural Language Processing, Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence,Data Analysis.                                                                                        
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Dr. Tripti Sharma
Qualification BE(CSE), M.Tech(CSE), Ph.D.
Area of Interest Data Structures, Mobile Computing, Software engineering, Data Mining & Warehousing, Computer Networks,Software Project Management and more...                                                                                        
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Mr. Alok Katiyar
Qualification PhD* (submitted, From Sharda University), M.Tech (IP, University) in 2009, MCA (Dr B R Ambedkar University, Agra) in 1998
Area of Interest Context Aware Computing, Pervasive Computing, Parallel Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Network Security, Unix Shell Scripting, .                                                                                        
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Mr. Gaurav Agrawal
Qualification B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD.(pursuing) .
Area of Interest Data Structure, Design Analysis of Algorithm, Web Technology.                                                                                        
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Dr. Alka Singhal
Qualification Ph.D. (Delhi Technological University), M.E(CTA) Delhi University, B. Tech (CSE) JMI, New Delhi .
Area of Interest Semantic Web, Recommendation Systems                                                                                        
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Ms. Shweta Chaku
Qualification D.EE,Btech,MTech. .
Area of Interest ComputerGraphics,Object Oriented Programming,Soft Computing.                                                                                        
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Ms. Shraddha Srivastava
Qualification M.Tech(Inderprastha Engineering college),B.Tech(Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology). .
Area of Interest Computer Science.                                                                                        
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Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal
Qualification B.Tech,M.Tech. .
Area of Interest Artificial intelligence, software engineering, software testing, agile approach of software development.                                                                                        
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Ms. Kamna Singh
Qualification B.Tech(IT), M.Tech(CSE). .
Area of Interest Computer network, UML, Software Engineering.                                                                                        
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Ms. Amrita Bhatnagar
Qualification BE(CS),MTECH(CS).
Area of Interest DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING.                                                                                        
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Mr. Pranshu Saxena
Qualification B. Tech. M. Tech. PhD*(Pursuing). .
Area of Interest Pattern Recognition, Image Segmentation, Computer Network, Intelligence System, Network Security.                                                                                        
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Ms. Shelly Gupta
Qualification B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD* .
Area of Interest Data Mining, Data Structures, Algorithms.                                                                                        
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Ms. Chahat Sharma
Qualification B. Tech. (G.B.T.U.), M. Tech. (Amity University). .
Area of Interest Software Reliability, Software Engineering.                                                                                        
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Mr. Amit Kumar Kaushik
Qualification B.Tech (UIET,Kuru.Univ), M.Tech(DTU(Formerly DCE)). .
Area of Interest Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Web Technologies.                                                                                        
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Ms. Kirti Jain
Qualification PhD (Pursuing, DTU) M.Tech (IIIT-D) B.Tech (NIEC, GGSIPU).
Area of Interest Data Mining, Database Management System, Data Structures, Operating Systems.                                                                                        
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Mr. Shailendra Singh
Qualification B.E.(Information Technology)From MITS College Gwalior. .
Area of Interest Algorithms and Data Structures.                                                                                        
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Ms. Kumud Kundu
Qualification MCA, M.phil(CS), M.Tech(CS), P.hd(CS) (pursuing).
Area of Interest IImage Processing, Soft Computing and Data Structures.                                                                                        
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Ms. Sneh Prabha
Qualification M.Tech(GGSIPU, Delhi) .
Area of Interest DBMS, Software Engineering, Software Testing, Object Oriented Programming, Data structure.                                                                                        
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Mr. Gaurav Srivastav
Qualification B.Tech, M.Tech,Ph.D(Pursuing) .
Area of Interest Web Based Learning .                                                                                        
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Ms. Akanksha Dhir
Qualification M.Tech (JIIT), 2016 & B.Tech (UPTU), 2014. .
Area of Interest Big Data, .Net, AR-VR, Operating System, Data Structure.                                                                                        
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Ms. Nimisha Choudhari
Qualification M.Tech (Banasthali Vidyapith), 2016 & B.Tech (UPTU) , 2013.
Area of Interest Digital Image Processing, Computer Networks, Operating System, Algorithm design, E-Commerce, Cryptography & Network Security.                                                                                        
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Ms. Pooja Singhal
Qualification M.Tech Banasthali University.
Area of Interest Web Technologies,Computer Networks.                                                                                        
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Ms. Preeti Gupta
Qualification PhD (IIT Dhanbad), M.Tech (Banasthali Vidyapeeth),B.Tech (GBTU).
Area of Interest Wireless Sensor Networks - energy efficient techniques, heterogeneous network models, optimization techniques for sensor deployment; Networking (Routing and Switching), Routing Protocols: RIP, EIGRP, & OSPF, Algorithms .                                                                                        
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Mr. Naman Sharma
Qualification BTech, MTech.
Area of Interest Algorithms, Mobile Applications, Android .                                                                                        
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Ms. Harshita
Area of Interest INFORMATIONSECURITY,CYBER SECURITY,COMPUTER NETWORKS.                                                                                        
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Ms. Prachi
Area of Interest ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and EDUCATIONAL ROBOTICS.                                                                                        
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Ms. Vanshika Gupta
Qualification M.Tech (AKTU) , B.Tech (AKTU)
Area of Interest Machine Learning, Python.                                                                                        
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Ms. Kumud Alok
Area of Interest Data Mining.                                                                                        
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Ms. Shiva Soni
Area of Interest NETWORK, DATA MINING.                                                                                        
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