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Civil Engineering is by far the oldest discipline of engineering which deals with planning, design, construction and maintenance of physical and built environment. Due to continuous development and challenges emerging within the country and around the world, its scope is overwhelming and one of the most sought after discipline of engineering.

The Department of Civil Engineering is the youngest department at Inderprastha Engineering College and came into existence in 2009 with initial intake of 60 students, which was subsequently increased to 120 in 2011. It is our continuous endeavor to provide a holistic development of a civil engineering student aiming at acquiring technical education. We are consistently designing and developing our teaching and learning process to impart the required knowledge of fundamentals, acquire problem solving ability, develop the technical and soft skills, harness the student’s inquisitiveness for innovation and contribution to the society. This is achieved through ICT based lectures, simulations, laboratory experiments, industrial visits, guest lectures/workshops, site visits, case studies; project based learning and activities in technical societies.

The civil engineering team comprises of competent and enthusiastic faculties fulfilling AICTE norms and from different specializations required for undergraduate program. The team believes and practices student centric learning pedagogy achieved through Outcome Based Education. The faculties are mentors to students who prepare, counsel and guide them to be ethical and competent professionals, pursue higher studies and be leaders of the community. We also seek feedback from parents, visitors and alumni’s for continuous improvement.

We invite you to navigate through the department homepage and join the oldest and one of the most promising discipline of Civil Engineering at IPEC.

Dr. Seema
Ph.D. (University of Trento, Italy)

To impart a quality technical education to aspiring students who will turn out to be professionally competent, ethically sound and dedicated Civil Engineers adaptive to global environment.

  • Fostering scientific and technical knowledge of the students duly supplemented by practical exposure for fulfilling the upcoming needs of the industry and the society.
  • Acquainting the students with advances in Civil Engineering techniques and technologies and furnishing skills and training to prepare them to be problem solvers.
  • Providing the students an overall environment suitable for making a successful career in industry/research/higher education in India and abroad.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)click here to see >>
    • The graduates of Civil Engineering program will be proficient in the fundamentals of engineering science and mathematics and its application in engineering problems.
    • The graduates will be equipped with the theoretical concepts of civil engineering subjects like solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and soil mechanics and their application in planning, analysis, design and construction of structures of civil and associated fields of civil engineering.
    • Graduates will understand professional practice issues and demonstrate a commitment to professional licensure and continuing education in technical and management institutes of repute.
    • To develop the technical skills through evolving tools required in the field of civil engineering. To develop communication skills and overall personality of the students.
    • To develop the inquisitiveness among the students, to harness innovation in research projects, incubation ideas and entrepreneurship.
    • To inculcate leadership and teamwork abilities in the students so that they can effectively interact and work with the socio-culturally diverse societies across the globe.
    • Graduates shall recognize their professional as well as ethical responsibilities as well as appreciate the impact of civil engineering projects, guided by principles of sustainable development, on the society and environment as a whole.
Program Outcomes (POs)click here to see >>
      The students will develop:
    • Proficiency in relevant fundamental aspects of science, mathematics, engineering and computing skills.
    • An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze, interpret and validate their results.
    • An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, and sustainability.
    • An ability to apply knowledge to solve real world problems.
    • An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.
    • An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems using latest and popular tools.
    • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility to apply engineering solution taking into consideration the social and global aspects.
    • An ability to communicate, organize and manage effectively.
    • Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning.
    • An ability to use the techniques, skills, modern engineering tools, and knowledge of contemporary issues for optimized solution of real-life engineering problems.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs))click here to see >>
      Graduates will be able to demonstrate proficiency in:
    • Understanding and solving case specific problems in civil engineering areas as structural, hydraulics, geotechnical, transportation, environmental, and water resources.
    • Design a system, component or process in civil engineering context.
    • Understanding and applying latest technologies in construction practices and management.
Programmes offered by the department click here to see >>
    • Name of the Programme - - B .Tech. (CE)
    • Nature of Programme - Full Time
    • Duration - 4 Years
    • Current Intake - 120 seats
    • Initial Intake - 60 Seats
Infrastructure Facilitiesclick here to see >>
  • 70 Mbps Fibre Optic link with 20 Mbps backup link for 24 hour internet connectivity in CAD lab, Internet Lab for students, Departmental library and all faculty cabins.
  • Department has well equipped and ventilated Class Rooms and Tutorial Rooms with e-learning facility.
  • The department is decorated with ten laboratories for students and faculties to gain hands on experience on fundamentals of civil engineering.
  • The development of additional independent lab of Environmental Engineering is underway, owing to its tremendous scope in current scenario.
  • Apart from College Central Library, Department has developed Departmental Library in 2015-16 having adequate facilities.
  • The department has fully furnished Seminar Hall to promote extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in the department.
  • The department endorses student activities through a forum called “SRIJAN”. It is involved in organizing technical, literary, cultural, sports, management and fun events.
Department Labsclick here to see >>

    The department has well equipped laboratories which provide good facilities for teaching, field testing and research works in civil engineering. The laboratories have been set up to enable students to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. The following laboratories are part of the Civil Engineering Department.

    Material Testing Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      This laboratory, containing materials testing machines, is used to introduce students to material properties through actual testing of specimens which supports fundamentals of several courses. The objective of building material and construction laboratory is to determine the physical properties of building construction materials like cement, fine and coarse aggregate, steel, wood, and strength characteristics of cement mortar, plain cement concrete and reinforced cement concrete.

    Surveying Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      The objective of this lab is to gain hands on experience in understanding the fundamentals of land surveying measurement methods using traditional and modern equipment’s.

    Geo Informatics Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      Geo Informatics laboratory is an advanced Surveying laboratory which includes experiments on the use of Total Station for land surveying and other advance surveying technologies like Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) for getting geographical information about any area.

    Structural Analysis Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      Structural Analysis experiments helps to understand the behavior of the physical structural systems like beams, columns, arches, truss with different boundary conditions. The Lab sessions include comprehensive education and training to students by emphasizing on the commonality of engineering structures at the levels of materials, mechanics, analysis and design.

    Fluid Mechanics Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      The objective of the Fluid Mechanics laboratory is to gain fundamental insight to physical and mathematical understanding of fluid mechanics topics like Bernoulli’s equation, Momentum equation, Principle of continuity, types of flow and flow through transitions along with the theoretical aspect taught in classes.

    Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      Hydraulic Machinery and Systems deals with the advancement of technology associated with the understanding of flow characteristics in hydraulic machinery and conduit systems connected to the machinery. The technology elements include the fluid behavior within machine components, hydro-elastic behavior of machine components, cavitations, and two phase flow in turbines and pumps, hydraulic machine.

    Geotechnical Engineering Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      The study of properties of soil and its safe bearing capacity, is a prime requisite for designing a proper foundation for the construction of roads, buildings etc. The Lab sessions include experiments on basic soil mechanics which will help to develop the knowledge about soil classification and its engineering properties.

    Transportation Engineering Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      This laboratory of civil engineering is associated with understanding the material properties employed in highway engineering in particular and transportation engineering in general. The objective of this lab course is to develop the concepts of engineering properties of highway materials such as soil, bitumen and aggregate.

    Environmental Engineering Laboratoryclick here to see >>

      The objective of this lab is to understand the different parameters essential for water and waste water characterization. The Lab sessions include experiments that provide opportunity to students to determine different parameters of potable water, waste water and sewage disposal.

    Computer Aided Design Laboratory click here to see >>

      Computer Aided Design laboratory is an important practical subject which enhances the technical skill set of the students in various semesters through different laboratory courses. Auto-Cad is introduced in Building, Planning and Drawing course in 3rd semester. Staad-Pro, Plaxis, Geo Srudio and BIM softwares are taught in CAD-I. Watergems, Sewergems, MX Road, MSP and Primavera are taught in CAD-II. Students of final year use this lab extensively for their final year project work which revolves around usage of popular tools available.

Student Activitiesclick here to see >>
    2016-17click here to see >>
    • Ayush gangwar final year student won first prize in KN MODI Engineering college in face fainting event at APJ AKTU ART AND CULTURE ZONAL FEST on 7th November.
    • Site visit was organized for 2 nd year students on 8th November 2016 at Ultratech Cementclick here to see >>
        A site visit under the coordinator ship of Prof. Kavita fasate was orgnised to ultra tech cement for ready mix concrete plant in which students got the idea of Batching plant and preparation of concrete and how to enhance the properties of it. The different tests performed for testing the strength of concrete was also introduced and taught to the students.
      Site visit for 3rd year students at Rise construction Pvt. Ltd, NH 24 Ghaziabadclick here to see >>
        A site visit was organized on 24th and 25th October 2016 by the Department of Civil Engineering at Rise construction Pvt. Ltd, NH 24 Ghaziabad. The visit was accompanied by Prof. Sunayana Singh and Prof. Satyam Saxena on 25th and Prof. Sheelu Vargheese and Prof. Vikash Prakash Tiwari on 24th October 2016. The site consisted of towers under construction each towers with 20 storey plus two levels of basement. At the site the construction was going on for the superstructure and substructure was completed. Raft foundation was used in all the 5 towers for the foundation work.

        Observation and Learnings from the Site

        1. The method for constructing partition wall is conventional made from bricks masonry rather than precast wall.
        2. Coupling rod is used to maintain continuity of longitudinal reinforcement because it makes the constructional economical by saving the material and faster as well.
        3. Triangular stirrups were used to strengthen the middle longitudinal bars in the columns.
        4. The Reinforcement detailing of one way and two way slabs were explained to the students
        5. The Detailed operation work of batching plant is explained.
        6. Water proofing of retaining wall is shown to the students and following details has been noted.
        • Width of retaining wall =300 mm
        • Thermocol was inserted in between the retaining wall.
        • Grade of concrete used in retaining wall is M25
        • The working space provided was 6.5 m.
        • Two coats of water proofing cement mortar (1:4) were provided on the retaining wall.
        • At the reinforcement junction, leakage is possible.
        1. The operation of batching plant was explained in which all the raw materials were controlled by automatic controls as recommended by the consultants in appropriate proportion.
      Site Visit for 4th year students to Jal nigam water treatment here to see >>
        Department of Civil Engineering had arranged two days site visit to Jal Nigam Water Treatment Plant at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The visit’s Objective was to enhance the practical knowledge of the final year B.Tech. Civil Engineering (125 students). The site visit was arranged on September 5th and 6th, 2016 (10:00 am onwards) in two batches containing approximately 60 students in each batch a day.
        In site visit students got Insight of various water treatment procedures like screening, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination and check the reduction of impurities from treated water and they prepared a report on that
        Following are the accompanying faculty members during site visit
        • Vikash Prakash Tiwari
        • Abhishek Singh
        • Prerna Raghava
        • Satyam Saxena
    • Techno Tansa was organized by “Srijan” on 12 th September 2016 Under the guidance of Prof. Anju Agarwala and winner of the events was Ayush gangwar (Civil-iv year)
    • Intra college Sports Events which comprised of Kabbadi, Badminton singles and doubles was Organised under srijan forum on 16 th September and 17 September 2016
    • Winners for Kabaddi
      • Aditya Dagar ECE 4th Year
      • Shivam Rathi ECE 4th Year
      • Sarthak Chaudhary ECE 4th Year
      • Shikhar Chaudhary ECE 4th Year
      • Abhishek Hooda ECE 4th Year
      Winners for Boys Badminton Singles
      • Amit Kumar Pal CSE 3rd Year
      • Vidit Jain CSE 3rd Year
      Winners for Boys Badminton Doubles
      • Amit Kumar Pal & Vidit Jain CSE 3rd Year
      • Kamal and Tushar 1st Year
      Winners for Girls Badminton Singles
      • Sparsh CSE 4th Year
      • Shruti CSE 4th Year
    • Qfiesta A literary event was organized under the me mentorship of prof.Abhishek singh on 20 th September 2016.
    • For AKTU Zonal level civil 54 th year student Ayush Gangwar , Suneh Srivastava and Akriti Yadav Participated and won state level 1 st prize on 6 th October for business plan event at Ambalika Institute Lucknow.
    • Bentley Workshop for 3rd and 4th year was organized on 21 st September 2016 which was focused on 2 important emerging softwares , MX-ROADS and WATER-GEMS.
    • Seminar for 2nd year by Prowisdom Growth Pvt. Ltd. On 21 st September here to see >>
        A guest lecture on Career Guidance and Personality Development by Prowisdom Growth Pvt. Limited was held on 21/9/2016 for the second year students in the Civil Engineering Department. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Puneet Raman who is an is an alumni from Columbia Business School (2015) and has a Masters in Business Administration from IMT, Ghaziabad (2004). He has 17 years of professional experience in sales function, at industry leading business organizations, such as Tata Communications Ltd, Reliance Communications Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Procall Ltd. The main objective of the lecture was to : Empower students to make them informed about career and life choices, connect role models to students and youth on a sustainable platform from industry, skill development through mentoring, bringing industry professionals closer to students for gaining internship opportunities & creating awareness on industry valued skills, public speaking and writing blogs.
      Project Exhibition on Engineer’s Day click here to see >>
        On 15th September ’16, Inderprastha Engineering College celebrated Engineer’s day in the memory of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. Students from various discipline celebrated this day by involving in various activities. Students from Civil Engineering Department showcase their talent on different aspect of Engineering by presenting models and posters on Advancements or improvements in Civil Engineering.
        For Detail result click here
    2015-16click here to see >>
    • Third and Final year students attended workshop on “Concrete Mix Design” by Ultra Tech Cement Pvt. Ltd, Ghaziabad at IPEC, on 29th April 2016.
    • Third year students attended Workshop on “Microsoft Project Management” at IPEC, in April 2016.
    • Site Visit of 6th and 8th semester students on “Raft Foundation” at NH-24 site of Rise Projects Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad in March 2016.
    • Site Visit of 8th semester students on “Precast Construction” at Sports City, Greater Noida in March 2016.
    • Third year students attended a ten days Survey Camp organized at Swarn Jayanti Park Indrapuram, Ghaziabad in January 2016.
    • Seminar on “Industry Expectations from Freshers” by Mr. Pramod Mishra, Head HR, Simplex Infra ltd on 2nd December 2015.
    • Site Visit of 5th and 7th semester students on “Pile Foundation of Flyover Project in Ghaziabad” by Ghaziabad Development Authority in September 2015.
    • Site Visit of 3rd semester students on “Concrete Construction” at IPEC, Sahibabad in September 2015.
    • Final year students attended Technical Symposium on “Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings” organized by Ultra Tech Cement Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad on 16th March 2016.
    • Final and third year students attended National Workshop on “Earthquake Disaster and its Mitigation” at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh on 7th November 2015.
    • Final year student’s visit with lecture was organized at Mechanical Engineering workshop covering Design of Steel Structures at IPEC, in September 2015.
    2014-15click here to see >>
    • Er. S.L. Goel delivered a guest lecture on “Water Supply and Sewage”, on 7th December 2014.
    • Er. S.L. Goel delivered a seminar on “Preparation and submission of DPR”, on 10th November 2014.
    • Third year students visited “Concrete Construction Site” at Rise Projects Pvt. Ltd, NH 24, Ghaziabad, on 29th September 2014.
    2013-14click here to see >>
    • Third year students of Advanced Foundation Design Elective visited “Sinking of well foundation Kerb at Hindon bridge”, in April 2014.
    • Third year students visited “Prestressing of Railway over bridge at Meerut Link road in April 2014.
    • Dr. D.K. Jain delivered a guest lecture on “Bridge Design and Construction Practices”, on 28th March 2014.
    • Site visit of 120 students at B.K. Soil Consultancy, Sector 3, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, March 2014.
    • Dr. Sadanand Ojha delivered a guest lecture on “High Rise Building” on 21st February 2014.
    • 120 students visted a Site at Noida Extension & Heart Beat City, Sector 107, Noida, February 2014.
    • Third year students visited “Amrapali multi storey building”, Indirapuram, 5th October 2013.
    • Final year students visited “CPWD multi story residential building”, Minto Road, New Delhi, on 28th September 2013.
Faculty Development Activities click here to see >>
    Session 2016-17click here to see >>
    • Dr. seema (HOD), civil engineering department attended a workshop on reliability and safety of structures at AMU (Aligarh muslin university) on 26 th October 2016.
    • Prof. Abhishek singh, sunayana singh and sneha sandilya attended a national workshop on construction and demolition waste on 23rd September, 2016 at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
    Session 2015-16click here to see >>
    • Ms. Anju Agarwal was the spokesperson for Seminar on “Seismic Response of Base Isolated Structure under near Fault Ground Motions”, at IPEC on 30th April 2016.
    • Dr. Seema attended a Curriculum Development Workshop at Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering Department , KIET, Ghaziabad held on 22-23rd April 2016.
    • Dr. Seema and Dr. Rambir Singh organized Workshop on “Quality Assurance in Technical Education and NBA Accreditation” with key note speaker as Dr. Narendra Kumar, Director KEC, on 8th April, 2016.
    • Dr. Seema and Dr. Rambir Singh attended International Conference on “Quality Assurance through Outcome Based Accreditation”, 3rd world summit on accreditation, WOSA-2016, March 18-20, 2016, Gurgaon, India.
    • Ms. Anju Agarwal attended International Conference on recent trends in Engineering and Material Science (ICEMS-2016) on March 17-19, 2016 at Jaipur National University, Jaipur, India.
    • Dr. Seema was the spokesperson for Seminar on “Optimization of High Strength Concrete using Portland Pozzolana Cement with Alccofine 1203”, at IPEC on 16th March 2016.
    • Mr. Abhishek Singh attended workshop on “Building Information Modelling (BIM) software” at JSSATE, Noida on March 11-12, 2016.
    • Dr. Seema, Ms. Priyanka D Gupta and Mr. Mukul Jain attended workshop on “Exploring Pathways to promote entrepreneurship through innovation and incubation” organized by Technology Business Incubator, KIET, Ghaziabad on January 24-25, 2016 at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.
    • Ms. Anju Agarwal and Mr. Abhishek Singh attended National Workshop on “Earthquake Disaster and its Mitigation” at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh on 7th November 2015.
    • Ms, Anju Agarwal, Mr. Abhishek Singh and Mr. Awanish Kumar attended Technical Symposium on “Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings” organized by Ultra Tech Cement Pvt. Ltd., Ghaziabad on 16th March 2016.
    • Ms, Anju Agarwal and Mr. Abhishek Singh and Mr. Awanish Kumar attended Technical workshop on “Bentley Softwares” organized at New Delhi on March 2016.
    • Dr. Seema attended International Conference on Concrete Research Driving Profit and Sustainability, UKIERI Concrete Congress, 2-5 November, 2015, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar.
    Session 2014-15click here to see >>
    • Ms, Anju Agarwal attended International workshop at IIT, Delhi on, “Emerging trends in earthquake engineering and structural dynamics” from 20/12/2014 to 21/12/2014.
    • Ms, Anju Agarwal attended Workshop at IIT, Kanpur on Structural Analysis using SAP 2000, from 18/03/2015 to 19/03/2015.
    • Ms, Anju Agarwal, Ms. Sunayana Singh and Ms. Harshada Sharma participated in Summer Faculty Research Programme at IIT Delhi from 16/05/2015 to 10/07/2015.
    • Ms. Prerna Raghava , Mr. Ashish Kr. Kashyap and Md. Salman Siddiqui attended Workshop attended on “Empowerment of young faculty” at Krishna Engineering College, August ‘2014.
    • Mr. Ashish Kr. Kashyap organized a Workshop conducted on “STAADPRO” at IPEC, on 08/11/2014 & 09/11/2014.
    Session 2013-14click here to see >>
    • Ms, Anju Agarwal attended Workshop on “3D Analysis of Multi Storey Structures at IIT”, Delhi, 31/05/2014.
    • Mr. Manmohan Singh and Ms. Prerna Raghava attended Workshop on “Entrepreneurship Development Programme” at Krishna Engineering College, June ‘2014.
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