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Ghaziabad is a city steeped in history and culture while at the same time taking huge leaps towards modernity. This means that you have many avenues of entertainment here, but they might not take the typical forms that you would expect in a metropolitan city.

The concept of a vibrant night life is not yet very popular in Ghaziabad. You might find a couple of night clubs or discotheques in the city, but they are not the most popular spots. You would do well to stick to the more popular entertainment avenues such as the movie theater.

Mall – Ghaziabad has no of entertainment places having culture of malls like Pacific Mall (Distance from venue 3.4 km), World Square Mall (Distance from venue 6 km), Mahalaxmi metro mall (Distance from venue 2.2 km), Shipra Mall (Distance from venue 5.8 km), Shopprix Mall (Distance from venue 2.7 km), The Opulent Mall (Distance from venue 12 km), R.E.D. (Distance from venue 9 km)

Cinema - As in most places in the country, the cinema is one of the most popular entertainment options available in Ghaziabad. The city boasts of a range of single screen and multiplex theaters which makes you spoilt for choice. So whether you want to splurge on a luxurious experience in a multiplex or get the old world feel of a single screen hall in a few bucks, you can do both in Ghaziabad.

World Of Wonder (WOW) - (Distance from venue 15.5 km) One of the newest and most popular entrants in the family entertainment space is the World of Wonder amusement park near Ghaziabad. It is located near the Great India Place Mall in NOIDA and has become a very popular spot for family fun in a very short time. It is the perfect place for a day out and family enjoyment if you are staying in Ghaziabad.

Fun N Food Village
- (Distance from venue 37.7 km)  The best amusement and water park in Delhi and NCR for a fun packed day. Built under the flagship of Polo Group of Companies, this adventure park in Delhi offers the longest water channel (400 ft) known as ‘Lazy River’. Adventure rides, water slides, kids’ water play area, cultural performances and much more. Come visit one of the premier picnic places in Delhi for fun and food.

Trips nearby the city - A good way to have fun while in Ghaziabad is to take trips to various places located nearby the city. As the region has a rich history dating back over 5000 years, there are many historic and historical nuggets you can find here. This includes Bahadurgarh which is known for being the original home of what is now known as Khurja pottery and Dasna which is famous for its fort.